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About us

The Association for youth, science and technology – AMAVET is a non-government, non-profit organization of children and youth. AMAVET associate 3500 registered active members working in various scientific disciplines. The AMAVET cooperates with Slovak universities, the Slovak Academy of Science, primary and high schools and with the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic.


AMAVET is well-know among pupils and school institutions. Its role is to increase awareness and the level of education among students through informal education. Active participation of children and teenagers in youth organization is the most effective form of activating society. AMAVET enables young people to develop naturally their abilities, talent and life values.


AMAVET is involved in many international cooperations. The organization is a member of the International Organization MILSET (Mouvement International Pour le Loisir Scientifique et Technique) which is situated in Paris. With the support of MILSET, our organization develops cooperation with similar associations in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and in non-European countries.


Members of our organization are teenagers: mostly secondary school, high school and university students. They are involved in research activities and they exchange their knowledge and ideas with young people from similar organizations in Europe.


Main aims:

  • Creating opportunity and environment for the young to develop their interests in the field of science, technology and ecology;

  • Organization of holiday camps for children and the young;

  • Organization of national and international youth exchanges, trips and trainings;

  • Publishing periodical and non-periodical literature and software to promote science and technology;

  • Preparation and realization of scientific, technical and ecological seminars and expositions for children and the young;


Main activities of AMAVET are:

  • Science & technology program provided by regional clubs for their members to work on youth’s research projects.

  • Festival of Science and Technology – an ExpoSciences – annual contest exposition of scientific projects of young researchers.

  • The scientific-technological passport - for promoting both European centers of science and technology.

  • Programs for the development of creativity for children up to 13 years – Les Petits Debrouillards

  • Junior Internet

  • Summer and winter camps for youth

  • International youth exchanges


Our activities are based on volunteer’s work and financed from sponsorship, grants of EU community programs, International Visegrad fund and grants of ministry of education of Slovak Republic.


Publication activities

AMAVET is focused mostly on informal education. The main activity of organization is publishing articles and magazines. The role of AMAVET in local and global environment is to support education of youth and increase knowledge in the field of science and technology.




AMAVET publishes the monthly magazine AMAVET Revue, which is spread all over Slovakia. The magazine contains information about our activities and reports from club events.




This famous science publication about physics dedicated to children, gives a view inside the secrects of science. It contains a lot of examples of experiments, so  children have an opportunity to verify some physical facts and make notes about their own ideas. The book also can be used as a practical tool for Physics teachers.


Calendar of Events


The events calendar informs about opportunities to travel all around Europe for culture, science and technology seminars, which AMAVET organize constantly every year.


The European Commission noticed the big role of the non-profit organizations such as AMAVET in informing EU citizens about youth politics and increasing knowledge about science, so the dialog between nations is formulated with „EU words“.